Our Vision

St. Paul’s Vision

In April 2009 the Lord gave us vision through a prophecy.  The Lord said:

“Come now is the time to worship.  Come now is the time to give your heart.  Come just as you are to worship.  Come just as you are before your God. Come!

I am making you a family that loves and accepts each other whatever.  A family where there is discipline and a seeking of God for one another.  I am testing you to see if you can trust me and do this small thing.  For the time is short and you need to know how to bind together and to be able to stand firm and strong in your roots, and then I will come as a rushing wind and move amongst you in power.

There are those that flit this way and that.  But I say now is the time to stop and be still, to know that I am God and to put down your roots for there are days of trouble coming and you will need to stand firm.

Family love will heal and strengthen you and bind you together so that you can weather the storms that are ahead.  No one in a family is exalted above another.  Therefore discern, cling to the root and stand firm.

Come in my hand are many gifts.  My hand is open. Come!”
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