Buildings Project 2017

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The St. Paul's Building Project 2017

What are we looking to do?

  • Replace our old and failing overhead heaters with new and more efficient ones.
  • Install new heaters in our North & South Aisles where there are none at the moment (and it's pretty chilly!)
  • Re-order and improve the lighting in the North & South Aisles.
  • Refurbish the lighting of the 'Apsidal Sanctuary' (That's the front part of the church where the Holy Table is).
  • Install heating panel(s) in our kitchen (another cold place).

Have a look at the plans...
(Click on the picture to view the plan)
Architect - John Quinlan >>

Existing arrangements

Plan with new heaters and lights

Sectional plan 1

Sectional plan 2

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